Commercial Claims Reporting


Reporting Procedure:

All auto losses should be reported directly to your automobile carrier either via phone, fax, email or online. If there are any issues or you have questions on reporting.  Please contact your Crum-Halsted representative or producer.

Additional Information:

  • Complete the SR-1 form, provided by the police officer who completed the police report, and mail to Illinois Department of Transportation in Springfield.
  • As you obtain additional information, such as the police report, estimates or correspondence from the other party’s insurance carrier, please forward the documents to your carrier.
  • It is helpful to obtain an estimate for the damage to your vehicle to give the adjuster an idea of how much damage is involved. DO NOT have the vehicle repaired until the adjuster has authorized it.
  • Your policy may provide coverage for the use of a rental vehicle during the time your scheduled vehicle is in the shop for repairs. If you do have this coverage and you need a rental vehicle, please advise the adjuster at your carrier.
  • If at any time you would like to obtain an update as to the status of a claim or if you have additional information, you may contact the adjuster directly or contact Assurance.