General Liability Claims


Reporting Procedure:

  • Any claims that involve bodily injury or extensive property damage should be phoned/faxed or emailed into our claims department immediately. If the claim occurred after normal business hours, then you should call Crum-Halsted the next business day.
  • Any notices of a law suit against your company, or a threatening letter to sue should be faxed to our office after you receive the notice. You should keep a copy for your records. Our office will contact you after we receive the notice.

Additional Information:

  • As you obtain additional information such as bills, correspondence, police reports or any other information pertaining to a claim, please forward the documents to our office. Please include the name of your firm, the claimant’s name and the date of loss so that we are able to match the correspondence to the proper file.
  • If at any time you would like to obtain an update as to the status of a claim or if you have additional information, you may contact the adjuster directly or contact Crum-Halsted.