Strategic Partnerships

Crum-Halsted has an established network of strategic partners to aid our clients in many aspects of business including HR screening, OSHA guidelines implementation, background checks and MVR review.

If you have any question on how these partners can assist you, please contact your Crum-Halsted representative or call (630) 443-7300.

Taskforce HR

The vision for Taskforce HR is to offer our clients a single source solution for their Payroll, HR, Insurance, and Retirement Service’s needs.

Utilizing Taskforce HR’s suite of services allows you and your staff to become more efficient and effective by reducing your administrative burden. Our service delivery model is uniquely customized to meet and exceed every need and demand that you may have as a valued client.

Vista Safety Consulting

Vista Safety Consulting provides a full spectrum of occupational safety and health services including, but not limited to:

  • OSHA Regulatory Compliance Assistance
  • Jobsite / Facility Auditing
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Workers Compensation Control Strategies
  • Health & Safety Program Development
  • Temporary / Supplemental Safety Staffing


Comprehensive background check services let you screen applicants to help minimize risk and determine the quality of your new hires. To review options and pricing available, please click the button below and enter your custom CrumHalsted Promotion Code. If you do not have one, please contact your CrumHalsted representative.


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