Understanding Your Cyber Risk Profile


In our fast paced, online driven world it is rare that we take a step back and consider what kind of data we are gathering in our regular course of business. The question we pose today: Could it be harmful to your business if it fell in the wrong hands? Moreover, what are the liabilities and risks factors associated if you fail to secure your data and it gets into the wrong hands.

Consider this:

A property management organization is gathering the data of both individuals and businesses. This data is commonly and legally referred to as Personally Identifiable Information or PII.

They way in which PII is collected, stored, and received is dictated by state & even a few federal laws. The larger your organization or the more states you operate in further complicates the complexity of the legal mandates to protect this data.

What is a Cyber Risk Profile?

In addition to the compliance mandates our customers contend with (like HIPAA for example) we also must consider that this data is very valuable to Cyber Criminals; whose very livelihood depends on their ability to steal or defraud us and our peers.

These two threats make up what we at Crum-Halsted call a Cyber Risk Profile. A Cyber Risk Profile is a unique and specific look into an organization to understand what actions can be taken by leadership to mitigate the risks associated with collecting this data. A healthy organization practices risk management around these two aspects to mitigate the threat and the potential damage if not managed appropriately.

Secure Your Data

In light of the demand from our clients around measuring this risk and the current cyber threat landscape, we are offering our readership an opportunity to examine your unique Cyber Risk Profile with a Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance Specialist here at Crum-Halsted.  You will leave the consultation with a better understanding of the complexities of specific compliance mandates as well as an understanding of how your organization stacks up to industry best practices in managing the threat of unauthorized access to this data via computer network.

Please schedule your 30-minute consultation by clicking the link embedded below:

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Erica Santana
Cyber Security & Regulatory Compliance Specialist