Marketing & Technology Manager

Jacob G. Becker

Jacob joined Crum-Halsted in 2017 directly after graduating from Bradley University with a degree in Business Management & Leadership with a minor in Social Media Marketing.  He is the third generation in his family to be in the insurance industry.  Jacob prides himself in being a ‘jack of all trades but a master of none’.  He enjoys spending time with his various hobbies including competitive shooting, hunting, travel, working on classic cars, building computers, reading, gaming, and playing music.  One of his life goals is to drive all of Route 66 in his 1970 Chevelle and document the entire trip.  Any free time Jacob has is either spent honing one of his current skills, or adding a new one into the fold; his personal motto is “Melius Quam Sed Non Tom Bonum Quam” – which, roughly translated, means “Better than I was yesterday, but not as good as I will be tomorrow”.  Part of his job is keeping up on all the news that affects our local communities, our clients and our industries so he’s typically reading anything relating to those, but he also reads for leisure.  He recently finished The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker which focuses on the difference between fear and worry, and how to capitalize on those gut instincts you get in critical moments.