Tony Becker

Tony has been in the insurance industry since 1988 and specializes in agri-business and farm related coverages & risks.  Previous to working in insurance Tony worked in the fertilizer industry.  As he puts it “I got tired of dealing with other people’s crap…so I got into insurance!”  Tony has been an active member of the Amboy Education Foundation as well as the Amboy School Board and Northern Illinois Tres Dias.  In his spare time, Tony likes to read, hunt, fish or do just about anything outdoors.  His most recent read was David Archer’s Drifter.  He also enjoys riding bikes with his wife, Beth – Tony hopes to work his way up to riding a century (100 miles in one day) over this next year.  He says over the years, the best advice he’s ever been given is to take the time to smell the roses – work will be there tomorrow.  When asked what his favorite word is, Tony told us that his wife would say it is the word “Yes” because he’s always volunteering for things and not getting his honey-do list done!  Tony loves to travel and find anywhere that doesn’t have a cell phone signal for him to relax.  One thing near the top of his bucket list is to make his way to Africa for a Safari at some point.  Tony does have one very big secret though – he doesn’t just look like him, he really is Santa.