Account Executive

Marla A. Davis

Marla has been working in insurance for over 40 years and joined Crum-Halsted when we opened our Crystal Lake office in 2018.  We love her boundless energy, passion for people – especially her family, and her perfectionism; we’re sure you will too!  Marla spends much of her time outside of work with her family which consists of “2 beautiful daughters, an amazing son-in-law, a fabulous sister and mother, and her precious grandson – Jakeb – who has her wrapped around his little fingers”.  She says she gets her strength and moral compass from her mom who has endured many life-changing obstacles, but still shines as bright as ever.   There’s never a lack of conversation, laughs, and stories when you’re working with Marla; whether that’s stories of traveling abroad to Italy, deciding it was a good idea to go parasailing in Mexico (despite her phobia of water), or talking about the latest event she’s planning or attending.  You’ll find that Marla is a straightforward, detail oriented, and honest individual who loves face-to-face interaction and participating in local events, groups, and fundraisers.  Marla’s dedication and personalized attention with each of her customers help her form lifelong relationships that transform them from valued clients into trusted friends.   She’s proud and excited to be a part of Crum-Halsted and can’t wait to bring our legacy of local, personalized service to Crystal Lake!