Account Executive

Mike Davis

Mike has been in insurance for over 10 years now; before joining Crum-Halsted he studied at NIU and was actually an Elementary School Teacher.  Mike is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys most sports, hunting, fishing, and working out.  If Mike could be anywhere, it would likely be on a lake in Canada with a fishing rod in his hand.  Mike is a highly driven and motivated individual who doesn’t have much tolerance for unnecessary talking or laziness.  He knows your time is valuable and so is his, so he does his very best to make the most of it.  Due to his love for sports, one of Mike’s goals is to visit every MLB stadium before he dies.  Mike believes that one of the attributes that has led him to success is being courageous and when asked what courage is he felt John Wayne said it best:  “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.”