Commercial Lines Manager

Tim Howard

Tim has been in the commercial insurance industry since 1990 and has spent time at various independent agencies in the Chicagoland area.  He graduated from Loyola University in Chicago with a degree in Marketing.  Tim is a licensed Property & Casualty Agent in the state of Illinois and he also has his CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) and CRIS (Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist) designations.  Tim married his High School sweetheart ten years ago (after taking a 22 year “break”, as they call it, after high school).  He is now the father of a nine year old daughter and three adult stepchildren – whom he refers to as his “bonus kids”.  There’s nothing Tim loves more than spending time with his entire family, living life to the fullest, and guiding all his kids to grow up happy, healthy, and successful.

Tim’s favorite part of his job is mentoring young salespeople who are new to the business.  He loves showing them the keys to success and watching them learn the trade and begin to learn the ropes of sales.  Tim strives to lead by example and believes in surrounding himself with good people.  He says he’s inspired by Warren Buffet and Jimmy Buffet; presumably not for the same reasons.  In his efforts to laugh his way through life and live it to the fullest Tim has dabbled in a few interesting hobbies including completing 17 skydiving jumps out of perfectly good airplanes and taking flying lessons. So not only can Tim take off and land a plane, he knows how to jump out of one!  Not all of Tim’s life is as adrenaline filled as working in insurance and jumping out of airplanes.  He also enjoys biking, skiing, live music, and reading the Chicago Tribune.  Tim has been reading it daily since he was 12 years old and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.