Account Executive

Bob Knight

Bob is a Certified Insurance Counselor who specializes in Commercial Insurance.  He has been in the insurance industry for several decades and previous to joining Crum-Halsted, he owned his own Insurance Agency.  Bob has a Master’s in Education from Northern Illinois University  and is a recipient of the WBM “Mike Koehler” Agent Award.  He is active in his local church and holds several Civic and Community Leadership rolls including being the International President and Area Director of the NAROA (North American Railcar Operators Association).  He is an avid railroad hobbyist and enjoys spending time with his family as well as traveling.  So far, his favorite destination is Colorado.  Bob has done a few crazy things in his life, but he says the craziest has been flying an ultra-light airplane.  He loves meeting with, talking to, and educating people on insurance to help them understand their coverage options better and says that is his favorite part of the job.