Account Executive

Virginia Manzella

Virginia joined Crum-Halsted in 2021 as an Employee Benefits Account Executive and prefers to go by ‘V’ so that “people don’t have to say a full sentence when they’re trying to say my name”.  She studied undergrad at DePaul University and enjoys yoga, running & hiking as well as spending time with her family and vacationing.  Whenever she travels, she makes it a goal to immerse herself in all aspects of the local culture, including cuisine, activities, and local hangouts, to broaden her horizons and get the most authentic experience of the destination.  That is why her personal motto is ‘Life is short, eat dessert first.”!

V prides herself in being a calm, compassionate person in her personal life & takes pride in taking care of nature and working with animal rescues.  This compassion also translates over to her business relationships where she feels that clear and transparent constructive criticism, organization, and excellent listening skills are the key to her success with clients.  Her goal is to make sure that you are achieving your healthcare needs and objectives for your team!