Account Executive

Edward Valdez

Edward is new to the Crum-Halsted team but is eager to make a big impression on the insurance industry.  Before joining us, Edward was the founder of Movement Transforms – an athletic training and mentorship organization.  Edward spent years helping people transform themselves and improve their physical health; he hopes he can apply the knowledge he’s gained over the years to helping businesses transform and improve their financial health through proper insurance strategies and risk management.  Edward love of athletics stems from his involvement in wrestling from a young age, he is now the assistant wrestling coach at West Chicago High School and is actively involved in Beat the Streets – nonprofit that helps empower the youth of Chicago by establishing wrestling programs in communities in need.  Edward also enjoys golfing, spending time with his family, and stretching his artistic muscles.  He enjoys playing bass, dancing, and art as much as enjoys working out and helping others grow.

Edward is passionate about the Dekalb community and its surrounding areas which has lead him to be heavily involved in many local programs.  He is a member of the Dekalb Leadership Academy graduating class of 2021 and also co-hosts “Local Exposure” – a bi-weekly talk show focusing on spotlighting everything wonderful about the community.  

Employee Photo - Ed Valdez